By: Rafi Sartin


In an interview with Peter Lam, Brand and Partnerships Director of The Gym Pod, we learn about the Fitness Franchise Opportunity offered by The Gym Pod. Through this unique fitness brand, technology can bring people together and franchisees can activate idle space in their community.

gympod franchise

Fitness at your Fingertips

The Gym Pod provides the space, tools, and knowledge for people to get better, healthier, and happier. This fitness franchise brand understands that wellness goes further than just lifting weights and each person’s wellness priority is different.

Unlike big traditional gyms that restrict you to a gym membership at just one outlet, The Gym Pod is conveniently accessible wherever you are. All you have to do is to download The Gym Pod App and in it, you will have access to a full list of every single Gym Pod. Then, you’re free to book whichever Pod you want instead of paying $200-$300 for membership for just one location. Anyone with The Gym Pod App, automatically has access to all these different Pods in the network. That’s one thing that definitely makes The Gym Pod stand out from other gyms.

gympod franchise

This access welcomes everyone from those who simply want a private space to try out a new fitness regimen to experienced athletes who want to focus on their training. Personal trainers, for example, love booking The Gym Pods as well. These freelance trainers don’t want to be tied down to just one gym and they prefer to travel to their clients nearby for added convenience.

Also, with The Gym Pod, you’re guaranteed the equipment. In a crowded gym, you run the risk of wasting time due to another person still using your preferred equipment. In The Gym Pod, it’s not a concern: whoever books the Pod owns the space according to their timeslot.

Rising from the Pandemic

The Pandemic was very tough but fortunately, when Singapore was able to re-open gyms, there was a spike in general awareness for people to maintain their health and their overall wellness. There was also a really big demand for people to do that in a safe and private environment.

The Gym Pod Franchise offers the safety, exclusivity, and privacy that’s valued now more than ever. When you book a Pod, you are guaranteed space, equipment, and time, without the worry of external stressors. Building off of that demand, the franchisors saw a really big increase in new users and subscribers for The Gym Pods.


A Faster and Stronger The Gym Pod Community

The Gym Pod now has sold a total of 7 franchises and is continuously growing.

You’d expect that all of these initial franchisees are fitness enthusiasts. Surprisingly, they come from totally various backgrounds and it’s because the franchise development process fits the needs of the franchisee.

For example, one franchisee is a personal trainer, who took up the franchise model because he wanted to own his own personal Pod to train his clients in. When he’s not training his clients, he lets the Pod book itself with The Gym Pod’s automated system. So he’s effectively combining his own business plus The Gym Pod franchise, no idle time for his space!

The Gym Pod, as a franchisor, also has franchisees who are not really in the fitness industry and their general interest is to simply earn some extra revenue each month. They want a hands-off approach when it comes to operations. The Gym Pod’s automation technology and the unmanned concept make that possible for people to also have other jobs. Some franchisees, for example, work in the oil and gas industry, and real estate. Even with zero experience or inclination to the fitness industry, anyone is a potential The Gym Pod franchisee!

gympod franchise

“As the franchisor, we’ve taken a really dedicated approach to making sure that everything we do, we now consider the franchisee as well. Because we recognize that without the franchisee’s success, we also cannot be successful.” According to Peter Lam, Brand and Partnership Director of The Gym Pod. “Together, they’re a part of the team now. So however we can work together to continually improve The Gym Pod, let’s do it.”


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