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Dot Bravo is a favorite place to eat paper bread along with yoghurt and ice creams. With the delicious yoghurt and ice cream, Dot Bravo wants to give special atmosphere for family and friends to hang out in Dot Bravo. Currently, Dot Bravo focuses in franchising Dot Bravo Mini and Dot Bravo Premium all around Indonesia. With three current outlets in Bandung and Lampung, Dot Bravo will improve their menus and continue to serve the best and affordable paper bread in Indonesia.

*Note: Franchising currently available in Indonesia Territory only

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Year of Establishment


Country of Origin


Number of Units


Franchise Options

Single Unit Franchise (SUF)

Franchise Fee

SGD 6,000 (3 years) and SGD 7,500 (5 years)



Marketing Fund

SGD 300 (Mini) & SGD 500 (Premium)

Franchise Term

3 and 5 years

Size of Unit

30-70 sqm

Estimated Setup Cost

SGD 35,000 – SGD 58,000

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