Discover the Best Franchise Opportunities in Singapore: Join us at the Franchise Opportunity Summit

Written by Amit Sharma, Community Development Manager

Are you an entrepreneur or an aspiring franchisee searching for the right franchise opportunity in Singapore?

Didn't you always wish if only you could meet Singapore's leading franchise owners and successful franchisees to know how they cracked the code to franchising success?

Franchising Opportunity Summit is your front-row seat to Singapore's leading franchise owners and successful franchisees. Come discover what it takes to succeed in the franchising industry. Explore new franchise opportunities from Southeast Asia's fastest-growing franchises like Joe& Dough, Bodystreet, Chewy Junior, SUPER GREEN, Kopi & Tarts, Red SchoolHouse, FightZone, Gloria Jean's Coffees, Matchaya and more.

Franchising The Preferred Route for Wealth and Growth in 2023

90% of startups fail, and 70% barely survive the fifth year. Alternatively, franchising continues to be attractive as a safer and well-proven way to start a business because of its low initial investment and proven system.

If you have always wanted to be your own boss, 2023 is a great time to consider franchising a business.

But while there's no shortage of people who dream of owning their own franchise, getting started isn't easy. With literally thousands of franchise opportunities available across almost every imaginable industry, aspiring franchisees often do not have the necessary awareness and knowledge.

Franchise Opportunity Summit Singapore

Franchise Opportunities Summit Singapore connects investors or future franchisees with franchisors and explores franchise opportunities from different industries. As a future franchisee, you can also learn how franchisees of participating brands have benefitted from taking on a franchise and created their new career paths!

Hear from Franchise experts on what to look out for when finding a franchise, learn from other franchisees who can share their experiences and meet Franchisors to find out all about their franchise programs!

Franchise Summit Event Highlights

This year at the Franchise Opportunity Summit, we are excited to have Rene Anthony of Revv Evolution and Hsien Naidu as our keynote speakers, along with many of Singapore's leading franchise owners and successful franchisees serving as panellists to guide the robust discussions on the most important challenges and opportunities.

The summit also includes an exciting Shark Tank-like segment where budding new franchise brand owners will present a 6-min pitch to the panel and the audience. Later in the summit, prospective franchisees will have the chance to meet one-on-one with leading franchisors for valuable.

Please see the detailed timing of each panel discussion and event, so you have the opportunity to plan accordingly:

3.05 – 3.10 | Welcome Address | Franchising is an Investment Vehicle

Speaker: Hsien Naidu, Director of Astreem Consulting

3.10 – 3.45 | Franchising: My Way to a New Career Path

Franchisees share their franchise journey, what to look out for when selecting a franchise, how to avoid common pitfalls and maximise the franchisee-franchisor relationship.

Moderator: Jeannie


  1. Sherrie Mu, Kopi & Tarts
  2. Alastair Ding, Bodystreet
  3. Ramiya Ragavan, Red SchoolHouse

3.45 – 4.20 | Franchise Success Factors

Franchisors share the success factors that are common amongst their most successful franchisees.

Moderator: Rene Anthony


  1. Russell Harrison, Spartans Boxing Club
  2. Damien Koh, Joe & Dough
  3. Sydney Teo, Kopi & Tarts
  4. Rachel Goh, Red SchoolHouse

4.30 – 4.40 | Leveraging UOB’s SME Banking Solutions

Having the right banking solutions can ease your day-to-day operations and help you achieve your financial goals while gearing franchise business for growth.

MC: Rene Anthony UOB

4.40 – 5.00 | Fresh to Market

New and replicable business opportunities presented in under 6-minute pitches

  1. Yummy Bros
  2. Lush Platters
  3. En Seeds

5.25 – 5.40 | Meet Your Franchise

Prospective franchisees meet franchisors

  1. Bodystreet
  2. Joe & Dough
  3. Chewy Junior
  5. Kopi & Tarts
  6. Matchaya
  7. Gloria Jeans’ Coffees
  8. Red SchoolHouse
  9. Fight Zone

Take Control of Your Future – Powering Franchising Dreams

Here are some of the key reasons why entrepreneurs and aspiring franchisees should attend the Franchise Opportunity Summit Singapore:

Unmatched Learning from Industry Leaders

The Franchise Opportunity Summit Singapore features a line-up of Southeast Asia's fastest-growing franchise brand owners, successful franchisees and industry experts who will share their knowledge and expertise on franchising. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest trends, best practices, and strategies for building and growing a successful franchise business.

Attending the summit can also help individuals better understand the franchise industry and its potential for growth and success. The insights into the latest trends and best practices gained during the summit can help entrepreneurs and aspiring franchisees cement their chances of succeeding in the franchising industry.

Meet One-on-One with Singapore's Fastest Growing Franchise Owners

This is a chance for entrepreneurs and aspiring franchisees to learn more about the fastest-growing franchise opportunities in Singapore, ask questions, and make connections with franchisors that could lead to future business partnerships.

Franchise brand owners will offer insights and advice on various aspects of the franchise industry, including marketing, legal and financial issues, and technology. Attendees can take advantage of the opportunity to learn from these experts and potentially form partnerships to help them grow and succeed in the franchise industry.

Explore New Business Opportunities

As leading Franchising experts converge on one platform, the Franchise Opportunity Summit is a great place to explore new franchise business opportunities.

Entrepreneurs and aspiring franchisees can also learn how the right banking solutions can ease day-to-day operations and help achieve financial goals. Additionally, they can learn about new technologies and trends to help them stay ahead of the competition and take advantage of emerging markets.

Who should not miss this event?

Anyone who would like to:

·Invest in a franchise

·Run a business with a proven concept

·Achieve your financial goals through franchising

Register Now! Be Part of the Franchising Industry to take control of your future!

See You at the Franchise Opportunity Summit Singapore on April 13, 2023

The Franchise Opportunity Summit Singapore is a must-attend event for entrepreneurs and aspiring franchisees. It provides a unique opportunity to meet with top franchisors, explore the inspiring journey of successful franchisees and explore the fastest-growing franchise opportunities in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

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