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Moms Ube Choco Champorado

Philippines Available in: Philippines

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Brief Brand Introduction
Champorado is a Filipino food staple that many of us grew up with. Mom's Products not only offers the comforting and familiar taste you love but also a unique twist on champorado. Forget the traditional chocolatey and cocoa-flavored Pinoy champorado and indulge in Mom's Triple Chocolate, guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth, or try our one-of-a-kind Ube Champorado with cheese! Because of the unique take on champorado and strong support of the franchisor, Mom's became a successful franchise brand with multiple outlets in nationwide! Its operation is fast and easy, ensuring you'll receive your order within 2-3 minutes. All products are exceptionally excellent, thanks to our commitment to using the freshest locally and internationally sourced ingredients, guaranteeing delightful and delectable flavors. Embark on a journey of serving amazing flavored champorado today with Mom's Ube Champorado franchise opportunity!

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Year of Establishment
Number of Outlets
Franchise Option SUF
Franchise Fee USD 2,600
Initial Marketing Fund
To be paid to Franchisor in the franchise setup phase.
Marketing Fund
A fixed amount or percentage of revenue to be allocated for marketing initiatives in franchisees' territories.
Other fees
Franchise Term
Development Schedule
Outlet Size
Minimum requirement of a franchised store
Min. 4.0 Sqft
Preferred Franchise Location Philippines
CAPEX needed


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