By Rafi Sartin:

People expect shopping for Healthy Food to be convenient.

As people become more aware of the negative effects of industrial agriculture and excessive meat-eating, we see a sharp rise in consumers demanding more safe, more healthy and more vegetable-based foods from food retailers.

The Rise of the Flexitarians.

More people than ever before are now part-time vegetarian, choosing to eat less meat due to concerns for their health, animal welfare, and environmental issues like global warming and deforestation.

There is no true Fitness without a healthy Diet.

As we realise the role diet plays in a healthy lifestyle, vegetables and fruits are increasingly on the shopping list of anyone concerned about their health. Recent studies show that weight loss depends 75% on diet, and just 25% on exercise.

Affordable Healthy Food for All.

Shoppers of all income levels are getting used to most retailers providing several healthy food options that also are affordable.

Introducing Veggie Garden from Barcelona.

The above describes some of the main current food trends and Veggie Garden is a concept ideally suited for these trends. Behind the company is a great team with headquarters in food-mad Barcelona. Their restaurants excel in vegan, nutritionally balanced, fresh and natural food of authentic Euro-Asian flavours. Their restaurant concept is fast-casual, with table service and a positive youthful ambience, popular with students, office workers, locals and tourists of all ages.

Veggie Garden has thrown out the old image of bland tasteless vegetarian food and found popularity by appealing broadly to vegans, vegetarians and everyone else. Key to the concept is a menu of ample choice: Salads, mouth-watering sandwiches and burgers, heavenly curries, and an arsenal of irresistible juices, smoothies and cocktails. Great food that flirts with your taste buds while recharging you naturally.

Finally, Veggie Garden’s proven cost-efficient formulas for healthy, tasty, and affordable food does not only produce good business. This ‘healthy, tasty, convenient’ concept fits perfectly into the current global food trends and we believe it is a concept set to spread fast.

Veggie Garden invites you to join their growing family, and to make your business both a profitable and a healthy one as a franchise partner.

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