Fight Zone, a Fitness Franchise in Singapore

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Fight Zone is an innovative, high-intensity, quick training concept offering a different fitness experience. Fight Zone is a Singapore franchise brand that has been designed to cater to all fitness levels and serves to challenge and empower minds, bodies, and souls to express themselves through fitness without compromising their daily schedule trainers.


High Intensity Quality Training Concept


The Franchise in a Flash

Founder Mr. Sasidharan Unnithan wanted to create a fast and effective workout system that actually has functionality at its very core. It was with this intent that Fight Zone’s programs include Martial Arts because Martial Arts bring out the core of the human movement.

Each Fight Zone studio is set up in a compact circuit comprising of 9 stations to be completed in 30 minutes each. The programs allow each individual to be training in their desired zone of fat burning or muscle building so that after every workout, members get their stats immediately.

The success of Fight Zone is proudly shared by its members, Maggie and Zulkifli who both testify to the change Fight Zone have impacted in their lives.

Now Ready to Franchise

Having perfected the art of replicating their high-impact and quick workout programs in multiple outlets, Fight Zone is ready to share its success with other franchisees seeking a fitness franchise they can be passionate about. This homegrown Singapore franchise opportunity is ideal for the franchisee who believes in fitness as a huge factor in improving one’s quality of life. An ideal unit owner enjoys interacting with people, appreciates a franchise business that is run systematically, and enjoys keeping fit. This Fitness franchise opportunity is also an extremely scalable business suitable for investors seeking a highly profitable franchise brand.


Inside a Fright Zone Franchise


The Fight Zone Franchise is managed by Top Franchise Asia. For more info on Fight Zone, (i.e. franchise fee and initial capital) you can check the summary below or this link

Franchise Unique Selling Points

·     Perfect Concept for Millennials, Gen X to Z

Fight Zone’s concept is totally different. Being busy is no longer an excuse. Fight Zone’s concept lets members spend only 30 minutes of their precious time on HIIT with a perfect balance of Muay Thai and get the same result of 2-hour spent on jogging. No need to book a class. Members can come anytime. We start a new circuit every 3 minutes.

·     No Upper Limit on Membership

Because of our ”Conveyor Belt System” we do not have an upper limit on the membership. We can have high membership subscriptions as compared to other fitness brands who have an limit on number of members a gym can handle.

·     Technology Integration – give real-time data to members and trainers

Fight Zone incorporates a heart-rate-based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to monitor and track record training in real-time, with a focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness. The Myzone app allows for engagement, motivation, and communities to flourish. With built-in challenges, personal goals, gamification, commenting and sharing workouts through social, users are motivated to sustain physical activity.

·     In perfect sync with Market Trends

Over the past year, the fitness industry has grown by 2.6% globally even in the pandemic. The earnings of the fitness industry are even more shocking which is above $80 billion. Demand is rising as more people realize the importance of being healthy and fit. Moreover, 81% of millennials stated that they would engage in some form of physical activity to keep themselves in shape.

·     Strong Franchise Support

We consider every franchisee as an indispensable partner who plays an important role in growing Fight Zone network. Therefore, supporting every franchisee is part of our duty.


Year of Establishment 2018
Country of Origin Singapore
Number of Units 3
Franchise Options SG – (SUF)

International: Master Franchise

Franchise Fee SUF – SGD 80K
Royalty 6%
Franchise Term 3 Years
Estimated Setup Cost SGD 200K onwards
What is your preferred franchise option? Master Franchise, Single Unit Franchise
Country Bahrain, Kuwait, Malaysia, Middle East, Oman, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, UAE