The Franchise Ready Mark (FRM) is a seal of quality awarded by SFTS (Singapore Franchise Training School) to franchisors after being assessed and evaluated based on a set of Franchise Management Excellence Criteria. It provides a distinction for franchisors who have taken their franchise organization to a new standard of excellence. FRM is an investment for the brand owner to strengthen its Franchise system and also increase the overall recognition of the brand as a franchise that is serious about growing its Franchise system.

Be a certified Franchise Executive by getting this Franchisor Accreditation from SFTS!

There are hundreds of franchises in Singapore and to stay above the rest, your organization must continually strive for improvement and innovation. The process of applying for the FRM provides you with a focus on quality as well as an independent assessment on your gaps in your franchise operation’s efficiency, profitability and sustainability.

This quality seal provides your organization with many long term benefits such as:

  1. International recognition that the brand is committed to Franchise Excellence
  2. Overall strengthening of the brand
  3. Increased potential franchisee confidence in the brand
  4. Clear training and franchise system improvement pathway
  5. Exposure in regional websites and franchise specific publications
  6. Membership to Franchise-ABLE Network Series

This Franchise Ready Mark is a seal of quality awarded based on the fulfilment of a set of predetermined criteria.

The assessment and evaluation are based on six key areas:

  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Information Systems
  • People
  • Process
  • Franchise Unit Excellence

This program is ideal for principals such as the founder, CEO, or senior managers. A minimum of two key franchise decision-makers and change leaders committed to business excellence are required to participate.

The journey to get the FRM begins with your desire for excellence in your organization. The process will provide you with an independent assessment of your business as well as a roadmap for improvement.

Here are the steps:

  1. Complete the FRM application form
  2. Complete the online Self-Assessment which will be sent if you qualify
  3. Schedule a full day Independent Assessment with SFTS after you have completed the Self-Assessment
  4. Review of the FRM Assessment Report
  5. If you qualify, you are granted the FRM!

The FRM certification program includes 2 participants in the program. Additional participants can join at extra charge, based on space availability. Please contact us for the details on the fee structure.