How To Franchise Your Business in Asia

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Do you want to be a top franchise in Asia?

If so, you should be aware that expanding your business in Asia can be difficult and complex. It is expensive, time-consuming, not to mention, hard finding connections in a foreign country. By making your brand a franchise, you can save up on time, effort, and money. Once you’ve established a reliable franchise system as franchisors, you no longer need to micromanage every aspect of the business.

Therefore, all you need is to find the right franchisees then your franchise can take off in Asia — or whichever country you prefer. For business owners looking for franchise opportunities and potential franchisees in Asia, here are a few tips to be a top franchise in Asia: 

3. Evaluate If Your Brand Is Franchise-Ready

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Below is a checklist you can use to determine if your brand is ready to become a franchise:

  • Is my brand replicable?
    • How many units/stores do I have in operation?
    • Have I documented my Operational Processes for Key processes?
    • Is it easy to train somebody else to run my business?
  • Do I have multiple sources of revenue?
    • How many?
  • Can my business make a significant profit?
    • What is my unit profitability?
    • How much is each of my unit’s/store’s investment capital requirements?
    • Have I set aside capital to invest in the franchise program?
  • Is there a demand for my product?
    • How would I rate your product’s competitiveness in the market?
    • How many franchise inquiries did I receive in the last 12 months?

These are just some of the things that you have to consider in order to ensure the success of your brand at the international level. As you search for franchise opportunities in Asia, evaluating how franchise-ready your brand can be a very tedious process. So, we’ve made the job easy for you. To sum it all up, Top Franchise Asia has prepared a service called the Franchise Ready Mark (FRM) for you.

What is the Franchise Ready Mark?

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The Franchise Ready Mark is a seal of quality awarded based on the fulfillment of a set of predetermined criteria. When potential franchisees looking for franchise opportunities see the Franchise Ready Mark, this can prove to be a profitable advantage. Ensure your franchise is up to the Franchise Ready Mark (FRM) today by partnering with Top Franchise Asia. Take this diagnostic tool today

2. Know Your Target Market 

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When building a franchise in Asia, it’s important to know your target country. Franchisors should have an in-depth knowledge of the culture, the people, and how to make the brand stand out in the local industry. Being aware of your target country can help you become a leading brand in Asia.

However, franchising in a foreign country can be difficult if you’re trying to know your target market from the other side of the world. Franchising can be made easier if the franchisor already has connections rooted in Asia.

Your search for the right connections is over once you partner with Top Franchise Asia. Top Franchise Asia is a team of Asian professionals that offers marketing and advertising services to brands looking to make a global mark in Asia. Brands that seek franchising opportunities in Asian countries can receive specialized help in identifying the right target audience for their businesses.


1. Get Good Leads  

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Every franchisor’s key to success is good leads. Getting numerous leads won’t matter unless they lead to an established franchise. When franchising your business in Asia, it’s important to identify these characteristics of a good franchisee: 

  • Do they have the means to invest in their chosen franchise? 
  • Are they well-acquainted with the industry of their chosen franchise?
  • Do they have real ambition to make a profit? 
  • Are they committed? 
  • Do they like the system and culture of the brand? 
  • Do they have a strong, entrepreneurial spirit? 
  • Can they give prompt responses to staff and clients? 
  • Are they open to change and feedback? 

With a quality lead, you can be assured that your brand can be a leading franchise internationally. However, finding a good lead is like finding a diamond in the rough. It can be harder to find interested leads when you’re doing it from miles away. One way to extend your global footprint easily is by advertising in franchise directories. Franchise directories help franchisors by listing their brand on the website and helping them look for interested franchisees.

How Can Top Franchise Asia Help Me?

Top Franchise Asia is one of the leading franchising directories in Asia. The site has built a good reputation in different Asian countries like Singapore and Indonesia. By allowing Top Franchise Asia to market and advertise your business, finding good leads in Asia can be a piece of cake. 

Top Franchise Asia boasts in a specialized service that allows brands to request what kind of package they want to advertise their franchise. This level of customization assures that the franchise is handled in the best way possible. Click here to know more.

Every brand wants to make it to the international market. Making your business into a franchise and finding franchise opportunities in a different continent is just a step towards success. The international industry can be intimidating, but with the right people and the right tools, it can be your next best investment.