By: Rafi Sartin

Being able to get along well with others is important to accomplish great things. EQ or Emotional intelligence is important for survival. In fact, it was ranked sixth in the World Economic Forum’s Top 10 skills employees need in the workplace. After all, we are social beings and it is important that kids learn this at a very young age.

But in this day and age, children are more likely to spend more time with their phones, iPads or laptops than with their friends. Which begs the question: “How children can learn and develop social skills without enough time to actually socialize with peers?”

Molly Manners was established in the midst of this trend. Molly Manners helps build children’s confidence and empathy. Courses on manners, social etiquette, and respect for others allow children (especially the young and the shy) to be more centered and confident. Supplemented by teaching etiquette in various situations, Molly Manners can help your child learn how to handle situations with high emotional intelligence.

Parents spend much of their income to send children to good schools to educate the mind. Shouldn’t we give an equal if not higher importance to teaching the heart? This is what Molly Manners can help the family and the community with.

To have an educational center focused on mirroring good manners taught at home is a gem worth to be treasured. Investing in the future and investing in the EQ of our children is always a noble pursuit.

Opportunities to teach good manners at a professional level is open for master, area or individual license holders. This is available for all levels – city, province or even your whole country. Licenses can be sold to individual schools, education centers or business owners. Education and soft skills training is a strong upward trend and is always a good investment.

Being a Molly Manners Licensee will not only benefit children, their families and their communities. It will benefit you as well. By becoming a licensee, you can attain a flexible, family-friendly lifestyle, anticipate a schedule that follows the school year calendar, achieve your personal and financial goals, become a positive influence in the lives of children and ultimately, being proud of having a business as your own. It is not just a business but a cornerstone of morals within the community.

As a licensee, you will receive Training, Curriculum, and Continuous Support. We will help you achieve success in a positive endeavor.

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