Written by Natasha Chua

Since Mayson Bakery created and opened it back in 2015, Halal-certified Kopi & Tarts has shown the effective and powerful combination of coffee and pastries.

While popular for its coffee and egg tarts, the brand also provides a selection of drinking and dining options. This includes sweet and savoury bites such as curry puffs, muffins, sandwiches, and HK-style noodle dishes as well as various hot and cold beverages.

By combining its delicious food, convenient store design and impeccable service, Kopi & Tarts easily became a favourite with working professionals rushing to work and patrons looking for a space to dine and make conversation with friends and colleagues.

Now, the brand is seeking franchisees to help expand its business and pass on its acquired experience and know-how. With Kopi & Tarts, the successful franchisee applicant can expect sufficient and efficient support from its expert Franchise Team.

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