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TOPFRANCHISEASIA is Asia’s top portal dedicated to connecting franchisors with franchisees across Asia, a territory that accounts for over 59% of the total world population. TOPFRANCHISEASIA is committed to be the most franchisee-focused website bringing the latest franchise opportunities and information on the franchise sector in Asia.

Being franchisee-focused means we invest heavily in connecting with our franchisees through various online and event driven activities to recruit various levels of franchisees. Whether you seek master franchisees, area developers, area franchisees or even just want to roll out a country specific single unit recruitment strategy, our experienced team can help you choose the right lead generation package for you.

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- Asia specific reach using international strategy but local tactics help us to connect with our investors
- Market focused platform & quality lead generation. TOPFRANCHISEASIA focuses only on high quality leads we attain from the lead profiles we capture. Based on the location, concept & capability to invest, unqualified leads are easily filtered out and enables us to focus on high-quality and potential ones
- Effective promotion through campaigns designed specifically for your brand
- Expose your brand to potential franchisees through our customized search engine marketing campaigns

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