Written by Natasha Chua

Enter a Fart Tartz outlet and the first words that may come to your mind would be something like: “WOW!” or “Cute!” Others would even describe it as aesthetically pleasing or visually stunning.

Because every Fart Tartz store comes with such an artistic and cheerful ambience, it is the perfect place to take friends and family who enjoy taking photos and sharing memories. And as expected, this F&B brand also takes great care to ensure the meals look stylish while tasting delicious. Hence, it is the perfect place for customers who love snapping pictures of their food before consuming it.

At Fart Tartz, food presentation is just as important as food quality and taste. It serves Western-style meals, baked goods and artisanal coffee among other food and beverages. But for diners looking for an inspiring experience, some noteworthy selections include the Fart Tartz pasta-in-a-jar, non-bake jar tiramisu and the flower-potted “mud” tarts.

Unlike other F&B brands, Fart Tartz provides not only mouth-watering treats but also an unforgettable experience

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Fart Tartz