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Coffee Hive is a chain of restaurants offering delicious food complemented by blend of local coffee in a very cosy environment. Start a unique local coffee food chain with Coffee Hive today!

Coffee Hive is a Singapore casual café chain that provides unpretentious good food, freshly brewed Singapore locl kopi (coffee), and fast service in a cheerful, cosy space. Here, you can have a variety of Singapore-style fusion food every day, without breaking your bank.

Our mission is simply to give the best value to customer by providing Good and Affordable food, in a casual environment where friends and family gather.

We are the overall winner of the Most Franchisable Award for Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star 2015. The award rewards the most franchisable heartland enterprise in Singapore for its scalable and replicable business model. It also affirms the winning franchisor for its well thought out business model and outstanding intellectual property.

  • Comprehensive Menu
  • Easy to operate
  • Great locations
  • Strong operational and management support

Additional information

Year of Establishment


Country of Origin


Number of Units


Franchise Options

Single Unit Franchise (SUF)
Area Franchise (AF)

Franchise Fee

SUF: USD 40,000
AF: USD 100,000 (up to 5 units per city/area)


SUF: 5% of revenue
AF: 2% of revenue

Marketing Fund


Franchise Term

SUF: 5 years
AF: 10 years

Size of Unit

700 sqft

Estimated Setup Cost

SUF: USD150,000 (based on 700 sqft and depending on rental deposits, renovation costs, fixtures etc)


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