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Excited to offer the best Singaporean dessert, the people behind fArt tArtz would like their customers to love their products as they do. fArt tArtz serves desserts with flowery themes as well as very appealing pasta in jar. Their salad and sandwich are also served wholeheartedly.

After achieving fame and success at their Singapore Expo outlet, they decided to open a second location at South Bridge Road, Chinatown. The outlet’s garden theme serves to make the venue convenient for family and friends to hang out and enjoy the moment. This successful concept has since opened another 3 Franchise Outlets at various parts of Singapore.

Additional information

Year of Establishment


Country of Origin


Number of Units


Franchise Options

Area Franchise (AF)
Single Unit Franchise (SUF)



Marketing Fund


Franchise Fee

AF: USD 100K (International)
SUF: SGD 40K (only for Singapore)

Franchise Term

8 years

Size of Unit

1,000 sqft

Estimated Setup Cost

USD 86,000 (SUF)

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