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Children’s Education Franchise Opportunity Available Now!: Be a part of Gifted & Talented Education, a premier education provider that enriches young lives through the Gift and Grit Culture. Expect outstanding enrichment management, exceptional process of cultivating the GROWTH MINDSET and imagine a BRIGHTER future

Gifted and Talented Education is a proven education provider offering specialised and inspirational enrichment programmes to the high ability and brightest children between 3-12 years old. Our curriculum is modeled after the internationally recognised Singapore Gifted Education Programme focusing on both critical thinking and problem solving skills, to further develop the brain potential and grit of these future leaders.

  • Branded Programme – Exclusive Gifted Education programme developed in house by a group of specialist in curriculum planning
  • Strong Franchisor Support
    • Annual CEO Forum
    • Annual Training Programmes
    • Dedicated R&D and Management Team
  • GATE Kids™ Teacher Certification – Franchisees and representatives will undergo a wholesome and specialized teacher training programme designed by the team
  • Exclusive Diagnostic Test – Performance analysis with scientific data backing
  • Highly replicable business and operations processes
  • Attractive return on investment

Additional information

Year of Establishment


Country of Origin


Number of Units


Franchise Options

Master Franchise (MF)
Area Franchise (AF)

Franchise Fee

MF : USD150K
AF : USD 100K



Franchise Term

8 years

Size of Unit

2000 sqft

Estimated Setup Cost


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