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Low-cost and extremely efficient fast casual food concept from Singapore now available for Franchise.

iCrepe is a fresh new concept on the fast casual food. iCrepe is a Crepe café offering delicious savory and sweet crepes that are created by our customers. A DIY concept that is very interactive and entertaining for the customers as they manage what goes inside their food. Our Crepe Artists make the Crepes in full view of the customers so they can make the crepe sweet or savory filled with fresh ingredients like fruits, vegetables or even ice-cream.

Our concept is small and simple to operate and can be run by 2 crepe artists. It’s a clean concept with no cooking experience required, making this an easy franchise to run. Join us in the franchise journey and be part of this exciting opportunity.

  • Maximizing revenue per space
  • Special access to high traffic locations
  • Low maintenance
  • Low manpower requirements
  • Low wastage of ingredients

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Year of Establishment


Country of Origin


Number of Units


Franchise Options

Single Unit Franchise (SUF)
Area Franchise (AF)
Master Franchise (MF)

Franchise Fee

Information available upon request


Information available upon request

Marketing Fund

Subject to Franchise Arrangement

Franchise Term

Information available upon request

Size of Unit

200 sqft

Estimated Setup Cost

To be shared during Franchise Interview

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