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LashMagic Franchise: The turnkey franchise concept for eyelash enhancement and care is now internationalizing with franchise partners

A pioneer in Southeast Asia, LashMagicTM by Carragheen specializes in eyelash extensions and is the only provider with a complete LashMagicTM product range for both application and homecare; exclusively developed by Carragheen experts in Japan and Korea.

From eyelash glue and removers to the most delicate lashes, LashMagicTM products are designed to be easy and safe for application. The range is innovative and makes eyelash beauty accessible to all. LashMagicTM products are complemented with CarraTouchTM, our very own, specialised techniques for applying eyelash extensions.

It is our intention to internationalise LashMagicTM with the establishment of LashMagicTM salons specialising in eyelash extensions and partnering local distributor to support brand and skills development across the region.

  1. Comprehensive line of eyelash extension products
  2. High Durability – extensions developed and quality controlled in Japan
  3. Finest Japanese technique
  4. Constant R&D on latest eyelash extension techniques and products

Additional information

Year of Establishment


Country of Origin


Franchise Options

Single Unit Franchise (SUF)
Area Franchise (AF)

Franchise Fee

SUF: US$25k per store (with USD5k worth of start up goods).

AF: US$100k per store (with USD10k worth of start up goods).


10% of SUF Turnover
7% of Area Franchise Turnover

Size of Unit

800 sqft

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