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Little Sheep has witnessed huge success over the past eighteen years. With a worldwide footprint across more than 120 regions and cities, there are now almost 300 restaurants in cities such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Ulan Bator, Melbourne, New York, Singapore and Toronto globally. The Little Sheep brand is renowned for “a pot of exceptional broth” and “a plate of superb meat”, this unique Little Sheep hot pot continues to spread all over the world.


  • Brand: As a YumChina brand, Little Sheep is one of the most well known Chinese hot pot brands within China and also worldwide.
  • System: As a brand owned by YumChina, Little Sheep uses systems and standards similar to other YumChina owned brands and operates at the same high level of professionalism.
  • Product: Little Sheep has always adhered to the priority of using “natural”, “healthy” and “rare” ingredients. Its unique pairing of a pot of exceptional broth and a plate of superb meat, is what makes the legend of Little Sheep Hot Pot.
  • By introducing the principle of homology of seven magic spices, Little Sheep selects special ingredients from all over the world.
  • The dish of “a plate of superb meat” is originated from 4-12 months old spring lambs.


  • Franchise Manuals
  • Overseas Store Signage & Kitchen Layout Support
  • Final Menu Check
  • English training Courses & Store Training
  • Store opening marketing support
  • Senior RGM On-site Support
  • Long-term planning on the franchise course and potentials.
  • Knowledge on the operating model concerning dining and retailing sector.
  • Rich experience on staff management.
  • Good learning competence.
  • Superior financial qualification.
  • Approval of culture in Yum China Brands.
  • Good commercial awareness and anti-risk competence.
  • Understand the local market and consumer characteristics.
  • Knowledge on characteristics of local market and consumers.

Additional information

Year of Establishment


Country of Origin


Franchise Options

Multi-Store Franchisee / National Developer



Marketing Fund


Franchise Fee

Initial Fee for USD50K
Opening Fee for USD 50K

Franchise Term

10 years

Size of Unit

300 to 450 sqm (Mall Store)
450 to 600 sqm (Street Store)


215 (China)
29 (USA)
19 (Japan)
12 (Canada)
4 (Colombia)
3 (Indonesia)
2 (Mongolia)
1 (Australia)
1 (Singapore)
1 (Myanmar)

Available Countries

Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, S. Korea, Philippines, Laos, Brunei, Gulf Cooperation Council, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Northern Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Worldwide

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