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About Momokino

Momokino is here to offer authentic Japanese food typical of Osaka and suit the tastes of Indonesians. The menu provided also varies from snacks to heavy meals such as okonomiyaki, takoyaki, ikayaki, karage, or donburi. You can even choose your own toppings for takoyaki, from cheese, octopus, crab, or smoked beef. Momokino also uses Momokino’s special secret spices that add to the delicacy.

In addition to Japanese food, Momokino also has a Japanese drink menu that is no less delicious.

Momokino also comes with an attractive and easy packaging to take home. Affordable price, owner Momokino wants all levels of society to enjoy it Japanese food that tastes unforgettable.

Currently Momokino has 4 outlets in Jakarta with an outlet concept with a capacity of 30 seats and an island concept which has opened in malls in Jakarta. Momokino wants to bring food formulated by authentic Japanese people at affordable prices throughout Indonesia with a franchise system.

  1. Real Osaka Taste: We offer Japanese Osaka’s renowned menu such as street snacks and heavy meals. The menu we offer is processed with premium imported raw materials so that the quality and taste are guaranteed.
  2. Not a Seasonal Business: The vision we offer is a type of culinary business that is stable and has the potential to increase over the next 5 years.
  3. Simple & Lean Operation: Reflecting on Japanese culture, we implement an easy operational system, where products are served in takeaway boxes. Apart from being easy to carry and clean, this method of serving helps reduce the number of employees.
  4. Zero Waste: With proper management and handling, zero waste can be applied where no raw materials are thrown away.

Additional information

Country of Origin


Number of Units


Franchise Option

Single Unit Franchise (SUF)

Franchise Fee

Booth: IDR 68.500.000
Outlet: IDR 150.000.000


No Royalty

What is your preferred franchise option?

Current size of corporate stores and requirement of franchisee stores

Booth: 8 sqm
Outlet: 20 – 30 sqm


Single Unit Estimated set up cost (Franchise Fee and rental deposit Excluded)

Booth: IDR 60.000.000
Outlet: 170.000.000

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