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Pasta J is about highly intense, Asian inspired flavours achieved through sheer effort and creativity. Our food is about simply presenting wholesome, really flavourful food in a slightly quirky, family friendly environment.

Our approach to food is that of a parent cooking with heart, familiar flavours and generous portions and also with the same down-toearth approach. We apply OCD-like focus and attention to transform even simple ingredients into unique and highly tasty dishes without the fuss and superficiality of fine dining. So basically, we depend on our skill and effort much more than the ingredients. For example, we stir fry onions for over three hours to fully caramelise it to produce a deep, toasty, sweet flavour for our Caramel Carnivore. This is only one of many, many examples of our dedication.

On top of producing all our own soups and sauces, as much as possible, we make our own supplies to ensure quality. Thus, we have been producing our own bacon, minced pork, smoked chilli flakes, sea salt, Limoncello and other flavoured liqueurs, with much more to come.

*Note: Franchising currently available in Singapore Territory only

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1600 sqft

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USD 150K +

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