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QQ Rice Franchise: Aside from being a proven business with a low start-up cost, QQ Rice is well-equipped to support franchisees*. Find out how QQ Rice is the right fit for you.

QQ Rice Franchise

QQ Rice Singapore is founded in 2010. It primarily serves healthy foods which includes Rice Rolls, Oat Rice, Wholemeal Sandwiches, Healthy Porridge, Snack Roll and Bento Boxes.

Designed for the busy individuals, business is done mainly as takeaways. For 4 years consecutively, we have been certified by Health Promotion Board to be a partner that serves whole grains options. We promise to provide healthier F&B options, excellent service and to continuously innovate our food options to bring delight to our customers.

  • Low set-up cost – Estimated initial outlay is about S$150,000 including equipment, set-up cost and franchise fee, which is very affordable compared to many franchises out there.
  • Low Manpower requirements – No chef is needed at QQ Rice outlet and cooking is kept to minimal at QQ Rice Outlets. All you need is about 3 staff to cover the operations.
  • Small Space Requirement – Rentals are notoriously expensive in Singapore. QQ Rice outlets do not require large spaces (300-400 sqft) so you do not have to fork out large sums for rental every month.
  • Outlet available for takeover immediately – QQ Rice management team is moving resources to support back-end operations. This means that they are going to support the franchise as a management, thus current outlets are freed to franchisees who want to take over.

Additional information

Year of Establishment


Country of Origin


Number of Units

12 (SG)

Franchise Options

Single Unit Franchise (SUF)
Area Franchise (AF)
Master Franchise (MF)

Franchise Fee




Marketing Fund


Franchise Term

SUF : 3 years

Size of Unit

350 sqft

Estimated Setup Cost


Franchise Quality Mark



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