Written by Natasha Chua

Dosirak specializes in healthier Korean bibimbaps and stews. With its special housemade sauces, quality ingredients and eye-catching containers, Dosirak has attracted a loyal following of customers as evidenced by its lunch hour traffic at its Singapore outlet and recurring deliveries to major tech, finance and manufacturing companies.

Dosirak adds a quality of fun by asking customers to mix their bibimbaps by shaking it inside a colourful container instead of stirring. Dosirak assures that this new and unforgettable experience makes the combined ingredients even more delicious.

Dosirak’s nutritious and tasty Korean menu can feed customers of all dietary needs. Dosirak is Halal-certified and accommodates vegan and low-carb diets. Whether the customer is an adventurous foodie looking for an authentic Korean fix or a clean-eating fitness buff bored of salads, there‚Äôs something for everyone at Dosirak.

With its current level of success, Dosirak is now looking to expand their business and share their knowledge with partners both in Singapore and beyond.

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