Written by Natasha Chua

Since its opening on 2014, HejoHejo Tjendol made it a mission to provide a healthy, delicious and creative variation to their cendol (a traditional Indonesian drink). Instead of adding artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and other unhealthy flavouring agents, HejoHejo has ensured that only high-quality ingredients are used with almond milk and seaweed as the base for their cendol products.

While classified as a drink, HejoHejo Tjendol can act as a full meal. In addition, the brand also provides different selections of cendol to ensure that customers do not get bored. For example, customers can select Thai Tea Cendol, Durian Smoothies with Cendol, Green Tea Cendol, etc.

With currently over 40 outlets in both Indonesia and Myanmar, the brand has proven how successfully it is received by a market concerned with BOTH taste and nutrition.

The brand is seeking to expand further by finding franchisees who can share their mission.

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HejoHejo Tjendol