Written by Natasha Chua

The Singapore F&B brand Tea Valley distinguishes itself by providing authentic Taiwanese cuisine, impeccable service and cozy space concepts. Its flexibility allows customers the choice of light snacks such as Seaweed Fries as well as the more traditional dishes like Oyster Noodles and Braised Pork Rice.

With its long and well-earned culinary experience, the brand has gained numerous awards and a steady following of customers from all over Singapore.

Now, Tea Valley is looking for partners to grow its business at an international level. Unlike others in the F&B sector, potential franchisees have the option to choose a kiosk (around 150-250 sqf) or a dine-in (600-850 sqf) concept. Each comes with its own franchise fee and estimated setup cost.

As a Tea Valley franchisee, you not only inherit the brand’s stellar reputation. You also gain training, marketing and operational support that ensures relative ease in the day to day running of the outlet.

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Tea Valley