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Top 5 FAQs about Opening an Education Franchise Opportunity in Singapore

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If you’re one who’s looking for franchise opportunities in Singapore, then this business investment may be right for you. We have collated the top 5 most pressing pieces of information you need to know in order to set up a successful Singaporean education franchise. For those new to the franchise business, we have provided answers based on our interviews with franchisees who have introduced and set up Singaporean education brands in the Philippines. Through the success of those who have established a franchise business of their own, we hope that their experience leaves you with a better idea of what to expect when setting up a franchise business.

1. What makes your brand different from what is already in the market?

All of our education brands hail from the small but very successful country of Singapore. With this, the brand has adapted the best practices of Singapore: education towards progress and development. Singaporean brands focus on honing the child from the inside out, and not spoon-feeding them which is the current norm in the education industry.

2. How does this help children improve in their school?

Children learn more through play. Unlike the rigorous teaching techniques in school, our education franchises make sure that the children enjoy learning and consequently help them absorb and retain more information. We make learning free and fun!

3. What kind of franchising support can I get?

Training will be provided by the franchise owner and the teachers. Furthermore, digital systems such as lesson guides, modules, scheduling, and payment system will be provided so you can focus more on growing a successful franchise and managing the rest in just one click. We also provide support on marketing, strategy, and advice. We guarantee that you are in the loop of what is new in the education market.

4. What kind of training will be offered and by whom?

Training is conducted by our Singaporean counterparts headed by the Franchise Director. All that you need to know will come from successful and competent people in the industry. Initial training begins with a hands-on approach to managing the classroom setting and handling the necessary software and tools. This will be held for two days. Subsequent training sessions will follow to ensure franchise development and that industry standards are maintained. Rest assured that working with franchise opportunities in Singapore will be at par, if not beyond, the expectations of the international education industry.

5. What is included in the franchise fee?

As we have different brands under the education category for franchise opportunities, details on the inclusions will be specified by the Franchise Manager. However, the franchise fee includes initial training, location assistance, recruitment assistance, marketing assistance, and start-up kits.

If you request more detailed answers, you can get in touch with us any time at No commitments! We are here to help you find the best brand that matches your interests and aspirations.