Breathe Pilates: Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better

Written by Amit Sharma, Community Development Manager

Breathe Pilates is a Pilates & GYROTONIC® Studio and Merrithew® licensed training centre. It is a unique and high-potential wellness franchise opportunity from Singapore that blends the health, medical and fitness and wellness ecosystem into one experience. The wellness franchise has an incredible footprint in Asia and has grown steadily from its first outlet at Novena Medical Centre in 2011 to four other studios.

Breathe Pilates is founded and led by Dr Deborah Wong and her international team of highly qualified Pilates instructors. Driven by the belief that movement does not have to be limited by age or pain, its mission is to empower every individual to create a life of vitality and mobility in a warm, inviting space. The curated aesthetics create a magical combination that makes them among the most raved-about fitness and wellness spots in Singapore.

A Class Apart

Breathe Pilates specializes in STOTT PILATES®, adopting a contemporary approach, conducting both private sessions and group sessions. In addition to Pilates classes, the wellness franchise also offers the GYROTONIC® method, ZEN∙GA® and TRX delivered as part of their rehabilitative and fitness training programmes.

Customers can choose from over 100 different types of specialized classes, by a team of dedicated instructors. A pioneer in introducing Prenatal GYROTONIC® classes in Singapore, Breathe Pilates offers one of Singapore’s top prenatal Pilates sessions by a team of experienced Instructors and healthcare professionals. Additionally, Breathe Pilates specialises in Pilates career education and as Singapore’s premier Merrithew® licensed training centre, it is a licensed STOTT PILATES® training centre for continuing education.

Breathe Pilates also works with Core Concepts, Singapore’s biggest private physiotherapy provider to integrate clinical Pilates into physiotherapy clinics with the prototype launched in Core Concepts’ flagship clinic in the central business district. Going forward, Breathe Pilates intends to grow its partnerships with orthopaedic surgeons, general practitioners and osteopaths to enhance its growth to create an integrated centre for rehabilitation via STOTT PILATES®.

Why Breathe Pilates Could Be The Right Franchise Opportunity For You

The rise in the trend of fitness activities is projected to drive the growth of the Pilates and yoga industry by 11.7% to $215,811 million by 2025. In addition, the increase in the young population's willingness to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as the increase in the workplace wellness program is expected to be the major driver for the Pilates and Yoga studios market. Thus, making Breathe Pilates a high-growth potential franchise opportunity. Breathe Pilates’ business model is streamlined to ensure scalability for franchisees with class programs to reach out to all body types and fitness goals.

Learn more about the Breathe Pilates Studio franchise opportunity at Franchise Feature - Breathe Pilates.

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