Fight Zone: Get In The Zone

Written by Amit Sharma, Community Development Manager

Are you looking for an exciting fitness franchise to own and operate?

Do you like thinking out of the box?

Have you found yourself bored by well-known fitness franchisor’s offerings for potential entrepreneurial possibilities?

If you answered yes to these questions, you might want to consider Fight Zone, an emerging breakthrough fitness franchise.

Fight Zone is a revolutionary and innovative fitness solution to meet the fitness and health needs of working professionals. With a perfect balance of Muay Thai and HIIT, Fight Zone’s programs offer fast-paced 30-min of Muay Thai – functional fitness at its core. Since there are no fixed class timings which allows them to fit a proper fitness routine into their busy schedule.

Tried and tested in the Singapore market, the Singapore-based Fight Zone fitness franchise brand has seen accelerated growth since its launch in 2017 and has exponential growth potential to flourish and grow in any country.

“We wanted our members to actually be functionally fit compared to running on a treadmill or just pushing weights. We wanted to make it for all fitness levels and deliver a complete workout system in a shorter period of time where you get functionally fit.” says Sasidharan Unnithan, founder of Fight Zone.

Not Your Ordinary Gym

Fight Zone has filled the gap in the fitness space left by traditional gyms where people pay a high membership fee for a specific slot and high-cost personal training sessions. When members choose Fight Zone they do away with the hassle of booking and paying exorbitant charges. Members get instant access to a premium fitness experience by highly-trained experts who motivate and challenge members in each session.

The unique thing about Fight Zone is that members can choose the best time of the day for their workouts without being tied to a specific class slot. Each day, a curated set of exercises infused with HIIT and Muay Thai techniques are prescribed, and all that each member has to do is turn up at their own time in a gym of their choice.

Designed by Singapore’s best talents and specialists in Muay Thai, fitness, HIIT, cardio & weights training, and nutritionists, Fight Zone's unique training consists of a 30-minute-high intensity training system that incorporates Muay Thai resistance and movement-based workouts.

Fight Zone incorporates a heart-rate-based system that uses Myzone Heart Rate monitors and Myzone Effort Points (MEP) to track training in real-time, with a focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness.

Fight Zone centers uses Myzone Heart Rate monitors and Myzone Effort Points (MEP)to track training in real-time, focusing on rewarding effort rather than fitness. All crucial data like effort, intensity, duration, and calories are saved in each person's profile, ready to be pulled up at any time via their Fight Zone app. Additionally, the innovative approach to the 30-minute conveyor belt system with heart rate-monitored workouts keeps members engaged and motivated with guaranteed results.

Delivering A Unified Member Experience

Each Fight Zone studio is set up in a compact circuit comprising of 9 stations to be completed in 30 minutes each. Once the member snaps on the heart rate monitor, the programs allow each individual to be training in their desired Zone of fat burning or muscle building so that after every workout, members get their stats immediately.

While Fight Zone may boast three separate outlets and studios where members can enjoy their fitness journey, it prides itself in delivering the same holistic, total body workout experience throughout all three gyms. In order to achieve this, Fight Zone shared that it they hire qualified trainers who are either personal training certified or have an extensive background in boxing or Muay Thai. Additionally, it ensures that its programs and staff go through rigorous training to deliver a consistent level that meets service standards.

Standout Features

Revolutionary Concept For The Next Gen X To Z

Being busy is no longer an excuse. Fight Zone’s Concept lets members spend only 30 minutes of their precious time on HIIT with a perfect balance of Muay Thai and get the same result of 2-hour spent on jogging. No need to book a class. Members can come anytime as there is a new circuit every 3 minutes.

No Upper Limit on Membership

Because of their ‘Conveyor Belt System,’ there is no upper limit on the membership. They can have high membership subscriptions as compared to other fitness brands who have a limit on the number of members a gym can handle.

Technology Integration – Provides Real-time Data To Members And Trainers

The Fight Zone app allows for engagement, motivation, and communities to flourish. With built-in challenges, personal goals, gamification, commenting, and sharing workouts through social, users are motivated to sustain physical activity.

Strong Franchise Support

Fight Zone considers every franchisee an indispensable partner who plays an important role in growing the Fight Zone franchise network. Therefore, supporting every franchisee is part of their duty.

Ready To Kickstart!

Having perfected the art of replicating its high-impact and short workout programs in multiple outlets, Fight Zone is ready to share its success with other franchisees seeking a fitness franchise they can be passionate about.

Learn more about the Fight Zone franchise opportunity at Franchise Feature - Fight Zone.

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