Saap Saap Thai: It's Fan-Thai-stic!

Written by Amit Sharma, Community Development Manager

Saap Saap Thai, a Halal Thai restaurant, brings across the true essence of Thai cuisine. It features authentic rice dishes with a twist, Thai Noodles served in aromatic, original Thai flavoured broth with slices of meat cooked to perfection, Thai Boat Noodles and other familiar cuisines. Saap, pronounced as Sap, means "Delicious" in Thai, and Saap Saap Thai stands true to its name. It is a Singapore homegrown brand famous for savouring authentic Thai street side food in a relaxing and inviting restaurant, self-service style.

Saap Saap Thai was born out of the need to serve authentic Thai dishes to countless Singaporeans who would often flock to Bangkok every year to savour the combination of aroma and spices found in authentic Thailand cuisine. There are currently has 10 outlets islandwide across Singapore. Apart from the high-quality food, the self-served Thai speciality restaurant chain stands out for its affordable prices, friendly service, automated ordering process, and beautiful store atmosphere.

Your Favourite Authentic Thai Food In One Place

A signature dish on the Thai restaurant menu is the Signature Australian Beef or Chicken Thai Boat Noodles, served in a thick aromatic broth with slices of beef or chicken cooked to perfection. The noodles are served in aromatic thick, original Thai flavoured broth along with slices of beef or chicken cooked to succulent perfection. Using fresh produce, genuine Thai imported sauces, herbs, and spices, Saap Saap Thai brings the essence of Thai cuisine - sweet, sour and spicy –  and most importantly, deliciously Thai! 

Learn more about the Saap Saap Thai franchise opportunity at Franchise Feature – Saap Saap Thai.

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