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Brief Brand Introduction
Headquartered in Singapore, Eudora International Group is the holding company that oversees a number of beauty clinics spread across Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, and Indonesia (Jakarta, Medan, and Batam) under the supervision of Sabrina Gouw who has been in the beauty sector since 2002.

With 188 employees, Eudora International Group continues to grow and plans to develop its business in a partnership that applies throughout Indonesia.

This partnership expansion is a golden opportunity for business people who want to dive into the world of beauty.

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Year of Establishment 2002
Number of Outlets 9
Franchise Option SUF
Franchise Fee IDR 1,000,000,000
Percentage: 8.0%
Initial Marketing Fund
To be paid to Franchisor in the franchise setup phase.
Marketing Fund
A fixed amount or percentage of revenue to be allocated for marketing initiatives in franchisees' territories.
Percentage: 2.0%
Other fees
Franchise Term 5 year(s)
Development Schedule
Outlet Size
Minimum requirement of a franchised store
Preferred Franchise Location Singapore
CAPEX needed


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