Is Making Money The Only Thing Franchisees Want From Franchisors?

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Ultimately, profitability plays a big part in any franchise system. A business concept and model that isn’t profitable has no business looking for franchisees in the first place. But it’s not all about showing the money. Because sometimes, franchisees want a little more.

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Management Independence

Franchisees want to have autonomy in running their business. Sure, there are guidelines and protocols they have to follow to ensure the franchise system remains intact but other than that, franchisees want to be running the show themselves. More accurately, without someone constantly breathing down their necks.

Sense Of Security

Franchisees want a franchisor who will hand-hold them throughout their franchise journey. That even when the going gets rough, someone will always be there to help them get through those tough times.

Lifestyle Flexibility

Most franchisees rank having greater flexibility in running their lives as the main factor that propels their decision to acquire the franchise in the first place. As the “boss”, franchisees most often get to have control over how much time they spend at work or home.

Personal Achievement & Respect

Everyone has a sense of pride and a need to be respected. Becoming a franchise owner that is part of a successful system, and a well-known brand, could provide the elevation to an esteemed status in the eyes of the franchisee’s family and peers. Some franchisees view their franchise business as a platform to prove they can achieve success through their own hard work.

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